Sequins and Sea Breezes: Fall Leather

Fall Leather



Who says shorts can only be worn in the summer or spring? One of my favorite trends this season (thank you Kate Middleton for making tights cool again) is tights with shorts. These adorable leather shorts were one of my favorite summer items and I was so sad when I thought I had to retire them for fall/winter. Then I saw a picture of Miranda Kerr wearing a pair of leather shorts and sheer black tights and I knew I could keep these shorts going. I decided to pair them with a casual white sweater from H&M and heeled booties from Target. I wanted to dress it up a bit so I threw on a sparkly scarf and grabbed my fun glitter clutch and headed out for the evening. What do you think about the shorts and tights trend? 

top: h&m / shorts: forever 21 / scarf: target / tights: anthropologie / booties: jessica simpson / clutch: victoria's secret {old, similar here} / watch: michael kors / bracelets: sophie and trey {in store only, similar here}, kate spade, francesca's {old, similar here}

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