Sequins and Sea Breezes: It's great to be a UCF Knight!

It's great to be a UCF Knight!


Alright, so usually the saying is "It's great to be a Florida Gator" but I just couldn't hold back my pride in being a UCF Knight! After our amazing win against Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl I knew I had to do a blog post recapping some of my favorite UCF moments.  We've had our ups and downs, sometimes it's been hard to watch and I'm pretty sure this season has given me a few extra gray hairs but in the end the roller coaster was totally worth it for our "dream season".  

{Tailgating for our first Conference Championship, 2005}

When I started at UCF we were 0-11 so going to football games was tough, you knew our chances of winning weren't great so it was hard to get excited but we still went and supported the team. Then came one fateful night in September 2005 (after 2 more losses to start the season) with our new head coach, George O'Leary leading our team, we got our first win in 17 games against Marshall. We managed to win 7 more games that season allowing us to finish the season 8-5 and play in the Conference USA Championship. Since then we've had good and bad seasons, we've seen some of our best players head off to the NFL and do well and we've been to multiple bowl games. 

{Our first home game in the new stadium, 2007}

{At Raymond James Stadium for UCF vs USF, 2007}

{ UCF Conference Champions, 2007}

Even with all the ups and downs throughout the years nothing could top this season. Our first year in a new conference, the AAC, we were facing tougher opponents and were only projected to finish 4th in the conference. We had our first big win against Penn State in Happy Valley followed by another big win against Louisville a few weeks later. We finished the season 11-1 (with our only loss being against South Carolina), ranked number 15 nationally, and the conference champions headed to our first BCS bowl game ever. We headed into the Fiesta Bowl the 17 point underdog against Baylor but in the end we came out on top, winning 52-42. It was great to prove all the critics wrong and show the nation UCF is here to play. I couldn't be more proud to be a Knight and I look forward to what's in store for us in the future. I'll be seeing you next season UCF!

{Our first bowl win, the Liberty Bowl against Georgia, 2010}

{Packed house for UCF vs Boston College, 2011}

{Our second bowl win, Beef O'Brady's Bowl against Ball State, 2012}

{UCF vs Rutgers, 2013}

{Tailgating for UCF vs South Carolina, 2013}

LET'S GO KNIGHTS!!! Charge On!!!! 
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