Sequins and Sea Breezes: Holiday Questionnaire

Holiday Questionnaire


Happy Tuesday loves! Yesterday was hectic so I didn't get to write the post I had originally planned but then I remembered this fun questionnaire Jennifer did so I figured that'd be a fun post to do before Christmas! I literally left my house yesterday morning at 6:30 am and didn't get home until 7:30 pm then I had to make dinner and make rice krispie treats for my work Christmas thing so needless to say, it was a LONG day! So on that note... here we go: 

A holiday tradition: I honestly don't really have any holiday traditions. For as long as I can remember my dad would make sausage balls around the holidays so I've kind of adopted that tradition. I actually stressed out over the weekend when I realized I hadn't made them yet so I ran out, got everything and made them Sunday!
What you'd like to see Santa bring you most this year:  There's not much on my wish list this year that I can't live without! I got to see my parents before the holidays so that was nice and definitely would have been something at the top of my wish list.

What's your go-to stocking stuffer: Probably lip balm. I have an obsession with the stuff and I know it's pretty helpful during the cool, dry winter season.
Who is hardest to shop for during the holidays: Hmm... I think it depends on the year. I do my best to pick up on clues and mentions throughout the year for gift ideas so it depends on who gave me the least to go on throughout the year. But usually guys. 
Favorite winter accessory: We don't get much of a winter down here so I'd have to say boots or scarves! I love getting to break out my boots and booties. I'm determined to get a cute beanie this year and then go some place cold so I can wear it. Or just rock it on a 60 degree day here LOL

Christmas tree lights; colored or all white?: All white, all the way. My entire tree is decorated in gold and silver ornaments with all white lights. 
Favorite holiday cocktail: Umm... probably cider. Or champs of course. But that's all year around!
Favorite holiday food: My sausage balls. Hands down.
Do you have a good white elephant gift idea?: Probably something funny. Who doesn't like a good gag gift, right?
Do you have a funny picture of you with Santa as a kid?: Nope, can't say that I do! 
Do you like candy canes?: YES! I love mint in general. But like Jenn I also love ribbon candy during the holidays.

Hot chocolate; marshmallows or no?: Wait. What's the point of hot chocolate without the marshmallows? Ok, I guess whipped cream works too but bring on the marshmallows!

Favorite holiday song: Hmm... probably All I Want For Christmas but there are a ton of great ones! I love Where Are You Christmas too.
Favorite holiday movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
A funny holiday story: 
Have you ever been on a sleigh ride?: No :( But I've ridden on an elephant. I know, it's not the same.
A fun holiday memory: The Osborne Lights are always my favorite holiday memory. I've been going to Disney to see those lights for years. I can't believe they're getting rid of them.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day! 

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  1. I've never heard of ribbon candy but for the second time today I've seen it!! I loved your ride to and from miami yesterday - how was that?! I know you're not a fan of small planes lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I want your sausage ball recipe! I was going to make them yesterday but I never have before and I was scared!!

  3. So glad you got to see your parents- it doesn't feel the the holidays without fam, for sure! Merry Christmas, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Champs all year round of course! And yessss the guys are always the hardest to buy for, why must they be so difficult lol! I'm super sad the Osbourne lights are done after this year, but excited to see what Disney has in store for next year :)

    Green Fashionista

  5. yas to all the cider and champs! love how i go right for the beverages haha. shocker. glad you're home safe - i love these questionnaires! i'm doing it tomorrow! boo on no more osborne. still in denial

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I love these kinds of posts! So glad you got to spend some holiday time with family :) And bring on the champagne and cider, during the holidays and beyond!

  7. I love sausage balls! My mom makes them every year around Christmas. Glad you got to see your parents! Merry Christmas!

  8. Love reading these questionnaires. You need to share that sausage ball recipe with us!!

  9. You're so cute, I love this! What are sausage balls because they sound delicious!

  10. Cider is my jam and all of Mariah's Christmas songs are the best!! And I actually haven't had any hot chocolate this year so I'm thinking I need to change that ASAP... with lots of fluffy marshmallows, of course!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  11. Fun post! I love Where Are You Christmas too and I haven't heard it yet this year! And yes to white lights all the way! My hubs is trying to get me to do colored lights on our house and I'm like no. way. haha! Hope you're having a good Christmas week! xo

  12. YAY, so glad that you filled out the questionnaire. Love that we have a love of ribbon candy in common, and lip balm is totally a good stocking stuffer gift!

  13. I think we need this sausage ball recipe! ;) And I totally agree, alllll the white lights. It just looks so classic and pretty!

  14. Cider and champs are perfect! I can drink them any time of year. Yumm your sausage balls sound delish. I need to try making those sometime!

  15. I've never had ribbon candy - but agree, champagne is best. :) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  16. Such a fun post! I think all my Santa pictures were perfectly normal - when I have kids I really hope for that classic crying picture!

  17. i loved reading your answers to this! i am sad they are getting rid of the osbourne lights too! and yes, you cannot have hot chocolate without marshmallows!

  18. What a fun questionnaire!! Totally agree on the hot chocolate - give me all the marshmallows!!

  19. I'm doing this questionnaire tomorrow, I'm loving these posts! I'm with you on the wish list this year - I didn't have a lot, I'm just happy to spend time with my family. And, I definitely think you need to get a beanie and just rock it regardless of the temperature. Or, come up north - we'll give you the cold weather. :)

  20. Girlfriend I've been rocking my blanket scarf in 70 degree weather because I refuse to accept the fact that it's 70 degrees in the winter and Christmas time. I love your outfit! I have a similar dress in grey.

    We got the clapper one year for the white elephant and it was the best gift out of all of them.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  21. Love this! I agree what's hot chocolate with out marshmallows?! And yum your sausage balls sound amazing!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  22. It's so funny how food can bring such strong memories during a certain time of the year! I know exactly how you feel that it just wouldn't be Christmas without a certain food. And I'm definitely all about white Christmas lights! They're just so beautiful and so classic looking!

  23. Is this the last year for the Osbourne lights @ Disney?


  24. I LOVE ribbon candy, too! crazy, but some people have never heard of it!!

  25. This is such a cute post. I totally agree champagne all day everyday :-)

  26. Love your answers girl! Ribbon candy is so pretty, almost too pretty to eat! So sweet that you got to see your parents, I'm with you on not having any "got to have it" Christmas gifts this year!

  27. seriously though, what is the point of hot chocolate without marshmallows?! i will settle for whipped cream, but without either it is just too sad lol. sausage balls sound interesting :)


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