Sequins and Sea Breezes: Wish List Wednesday - Spring Trends

Wish List Wednesday - Spring Trends


With February only a few short days away that means spring is right around the corner! I always look forward to the spring fashion trends since spring (and fall) are my two favorite times of the year. I love having the weather be cooler but still warm enough to enjoy being outside, I love the flowers that bloom and the longer days. Oh and did I mention the spring beer?? ;) For this Wish List Wednesday I decided to pick out a few of the spring trends I'm excited to try out and share them with you. 

1. Pastels - Not that this is any surprise but pastels are are coming back strong for spring. I've already noticed many stores getting pastel pinks, yellows and mint back in from dresses, to sweaters and jeans. You can't go wrong with pastel in the spring time! 
 LuLu*s Laced Night Pink Pastel Dress

2. Full Skirts - I've already started to notice some bloggers pairing their full tea-length skirts with plaid prints for more of a winter look but it seems like these full skirts will be sticking around for the spring! Whether you go for the full tea-length version or a shorter version these are a fun girly way to switch up your wardrobe
Express High Waist Full Skirt

3. Fringe - I LOVE fringe! It's such a fun trend and really brings out a retro vibe in a wardrobe. I did a post a few weeks ago with a fringe kimono I got from LuLu*s and it's been one of my favorite posts this year just because of that kimono. It really just adds a fun, flirty look to any outfit. 
 Whitney Eve Fringe Tank Top 

4. Crop Tops - This is one trend that doesn't appear to be going away! Crop tops are still in full force for spring. I don't wear a lot of crop tops, usually because I like to buy things I can wear to work as well as out plus I'm not one for showing off too much of my stomach but you will catch me in the occasional crop top (see Monday's blog post!) I love the mirrored look in the crop top I selected above. I really hope the mirror trend sticks around because it's such a fun print and is incredible slimming! :) 
Moa Moa Mirrored Crop Top

5. Mesh Panels - Hello hint of sexy!! Mesh panels are a great way to show off a little bit more skin without looking too trashy. In fact, I think mesh panels are even more sexy than showing off that skin without the mesh panel. It adds a bit of mystery by not showing off too much but is still sexy and sophisticated. You've already seen celebs from Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Colbie Caillat (at the Grammy's) to Portia De Rossi (at the SAG Awards) rocking the sheer panel trend and you'll definitely see more to come!
Tobi Keepsake Romantic Rebel Dress

6. Florals - I think florals are synonymous with spring so this one also isn't much of a surprise however you might start to see floral print jackets, vests, and other items that allow the floral trend to be mixed up. The best part about floral is it can always be refreshed and revitalized into something new. It's an almost never fading trend that can be classic, retro, trendy and stylish for any one.  Zooey Deschanel rocked the floral look just by wearing a flower in her hair and flowers on her nails for the Golden Globes so even if it isn't a huge floral print you can subtly add a bit of floral to your outfit. 
 G By Guess Odetta Bomber Jacket

7. Bright Lips - We saw the trend of darker colored lips for fall and winter but it looks like bright colors are going to be popular for spring. From bright pinks to oranges it looks like we might be finding new shades as our pop of color. Drew Barrymore already rocked the hot pink lips look on the red carpet and Emma Watson dared to mix a hot pink Chanel shade and a bright red Chanel shade to come up with her own bright combo for the Golden Globes. 
 M-A-C Lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum

8. Iridescent - I'm not going to lie, this was my go-to color for fall/winter but it looks like iridescent shades will be sticking around. Tory Burch just came out with an amazing iridescent clutch and you've already seen iridescent pieces from Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Philip Lim hitting the runway in 2014. London Fashion Week saw a lot or iridescent so I have a feeling we might start seeing more of this trend coming soon!
Essie Iridescent Maple 

9. White Eyeliner - I'm one of those girls who can't stand to go out without eyeliner on. I feel like I look like I'm 12 if I don't have it on. I can go out with just about everything else but I gotta have my liquid liner at least across my top lid. When I saw The Beauty Department's post on white eyeliner I was a bit skeptical at first but then when I saw pictures of people with white eyeliner I actually thought it looked pretty good! White eyeliner is supposed to make your eyes pop and look bigger. I already have huge eyes so I usually just put the eyeliner in the corners of my eyes to brighten them.
 Sephora Nano Eyeliner

What do you think of these spring trends? Are there any you're specifically looking forward to or any that I left out that you're excited about? 

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  1. I am so ready for spring! Can't wait to break out all of these styles.

  2. Replies
    1. I LOVE this dress from Tobi! I'm a big fan of the mesh panels for spring and summer, I can't wait to see what else comes out!

  3. Love all of these! Especially that first dress!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  4. Great post! I love pastels :)

  5. Love the white dress! I am so excited for spring and all the fun fashion that goes with it! (Although I'll miss my fur vest, haha!)

    1. I have been on the hunt for the perfect fur vest almost all winter, not easy to find down here in Florida though LOL! But at least you still have time to rock the vest since it doesn't look like it's warming up any time soon! :)

  6. adorable girl!! please check out my latest posts at! I think you’ll enjoy!

    1. Thanks doll! :) Checked out your blog and I LOVE your fashion!!


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