Sequins and Sea Breezes: Peek-A-Boo Lace

Peek-A-Boo Lace


Guys, how is it not Friday yet? This week was a doozy before it even started. Sunday I headed up to Jacksonville to watch the Jags take on the Bengals (my current hometown team against my original hometown team) so I was pretty excited. If you've been to an NFL game you know a few years ago they changed it so women are no longer permitted to bring purses into the stadium unless they're clear. So I opted to just bring my phone, my ID and my credit card and called it a day. I'm uber careful with my phone and it's in a case so I wasn't too worried about it, I held it in my hands the entire game so it didn't accidentally fall out of my pocket or off my lap and when I went to the bathroom I even opted to put it on the floor (super gross, I know) instead of on top of the toilet paper holder to keep it from falling off. By now I'm sure you can see where this is going... after going to the bathroom in the 4th quarter I was at the sink washing my hands with my phone resting on the sink when I got a text message and my phone vibrated right off the sink face down onto the concrete floor. I didn't even have to pick it up to know it was shattered. With everything that has been going on with Novie, I knew I was due for an upgrade (I had the iPhone 6) but was trying to hold out as long as possible, especially with the holidays literally weeks away.
Needless to say, one shattered iPhone 6 later and I am now the proud (?) owner of an iPhone 8. Thanks to all the ladies who offered advice when I was hesitant to upgrade. I seriously thought about saving money and just replacing the screen but I'm also having battery issues so it just made sense. If I had a 7 I would have never even considered upgrading but I'm like 3 phone models behind so it made sense. So yeah, after that unexpected expense I probably won't be buying too many new clothes for fall/winter so be prepared to see some outfits on repeat! And if I seem like I'm pushing my affiliate links a little harder the next few months... well that's why! But at least I'm being honest :)
Ok, enough of the negative. Can we talk about my absolute favorite tank and bralette? I wore this outfit with Kerri to the Third Eye Blind concert a few weeks ago (but with Converse instead of booties since it was rainy) and it was the perfect outfit for the weather. This tank has the perfect amount of drape to be sexy yet still not showing off too much and incredibly comfy. And as you've seen from my Instagram page, I literally live in this bralette. It is the most comfy and cute bralette I've ever owned and Kerri actually bought it herself while we were out shopping that day. I've been wearing it with everything from tanks to tees to even sweaters and it's always the perfect touch of lace. Once my spending freeze is lifted I will definitely be scooping it up in other colors!

top {only $20!} // bralette // jeans {the black version of these jeans are currently on sale for $45.99 with an extra 20% off using code VETS} // booties // necklace // sunglasses // bracelet // purse 

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  1. AND we're back. i totally just bought that tank in black and red. of course. and got another bra in the maroon color bc yes. need them like yesterday. also i am not allowed to spend anymore money ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. and now I can comment :-). I love that bralette. I've been looking for a fun one! And those jeans!!

  3. Yay glad comments are back!! You look so great in that outfit and I love how it looks with the olive color! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Sorry about your phone:( I still have an SE and still paying on it, I know my day is coming! Love love this look, that bralette is calling my name still!

  5. You rocked this outfit! Love the lace bralette and distressed jeans.

  6. Such a babe!!!! You are rocking this top and those are the best jeans ever! Yay for an upgrade too!!!

    Brittany :)

  7. Such a fabulous look with the bralette! Sorry about the phone that just sucks.

  8. Love that bralette! Also we all have to push affiliate links sometimes. Life happens, right?

  9. So cute, lady- love the busted knees in these jeans, too!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. This is so stunning! I love it!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  11. Such a bummer about your phone, but it sounds like the upgrade was totally worth it. I have the 6 and am trying to hold out, but I feel like it's on its last leg and I'll probably have to give in and upgrade. Love the tank/bralette combo!

  12. i love love love the whole outfit! that bralette is perfection. sorry to hear about your phone, but thank goodness all the problems are solved. i hate unforseen expenses!

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