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Angela & Roi


I had never heard of Angela & Roi until they contacted me recently about doing a blog post for them and after speaking with them and doing some research on their company I felt compelled to share this amazing company with you. Angela & Roi was founded by a couple who wanted to combine fashion and philanthropy and have flawlessly done both. They created boutique-quality, classic, minimalistic handbags in a variety of sizes and colors using the finest quality vegan leather at more affordable prices than high fashion designers. If these qualities aren't enough to make you want to run out and get one, just wait, it gets better. For every bag purchased through Angela & Roi, a portion of the proceeds are donated to various non-profit medical research organizations. 

Angela & Roi make it extremely easy to find the purse perfect for you and the cause you're supporting by having a drop down of each color and what cause it corresponds with. Almost everyone has been exposed in some way, whether personally or through a loved one, to one of these illnesses and have wanted to do what we can to make a difference. These bags are a great way to spark a conversation and help raise awareness.

{Palette Cross-body in White - Representing Lung Cancer Awareness}

{Sunday Brink in Pink - Representing Breast Cancer Awareness}

{Classic Cross-body in Carmel - Representing Childhood Cancer Awareness}

{Mini Cross-body in Black - Representing Melanoma Awareness}

I had two loved ones suffer from cancer so this is especially close to my heart. As much as we want to end these diseases so that our loved ones no longer have to suffer we can't do it alone. While purchasing a purse from Angela & Roi may not end one of these illnesses it's a step in the right direction and any contribution is better than none. What color is close to your heart?

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  1. Very well done!! Their Sunday collection is probably my favorite!

  2. B did a review of them and I absolutely love their concept! As well as their bags they have amazing structure!

    1. Haha I know! Such a crazy coincidence! I think they're doing a lot of outreach right now to spread the word!

  3. That is amazing! How great that they are insanely cute and for such a good cause!

  4. what a wonderful idea! thanks for sharing with us!

  5. This is a really great way to help raise awareness and for such a good cause.

    Great bags and who can pass this up? Already eying the first 2!

  6. I love this!! What a great cause! The pink one is my fave:)


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