Sequins and Sea Breezes: Winter White

Winter White


For this post I paired up with the lovely Paige from Life's A Party Dress Like It to do a East vs West Coast style on winter whites. Paige is a Cali girl whose personality and sense of style is so similar to mine it's almost scary! We both even did the sock bun without knowing the other was doing it until we exchanged pictures! After exchanging e-mails for the past few weeks it definitely feels like we've known each other for years instead of just a few weeks.

To not only keep up with each other's style but to show our readers how the East Coast and the West Coast wears a trend we decided to do a monthly collab so keep an eye out!

You can check out Paige's fabulous outfit details here!


Go home Florida weather, you're drunk! Ok so maybe it isn't THAT bad, it really is starting to level off (I totally just jinxed us again, I swear I'm knocking on wood right now my Florida friends)  but it was going from hot to cold in less than a day span and I'm pretty sure that contributed to my current illness. <- Yes, I'm STILL sick :( Although our winter's aren't nearly as bad as up north it was definitely on the chillier side when I did this shoot so I decided to go a little more winter than my previous posts and wear these gorgeous subtle baroque print skinny jeans from Guess and an off-white sweater from Tobi. I absolutely love the subtle print on these jeans (if you recall I also own them in black and wore them for this post!) they''re classy and trendy without being too over the top. Do you ever find yourself buying multiple of the same thing that you love?

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sweater: tobi / jeans: guess {sold out, similar here} / heels: aldo / purse: coach {old} / necklace: forever 21 / sunglasses: urban outfitters / lips: mary kay true dimensions in wild about pink

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  1. Such a pretty sweater!! This Florida girl is dreaming of the the snow!! :)

    1. Aww I don't blame you! If it makes you feel any better we're supposed to get rain ALL weekend. I think I'd take the snow over yucky rain!

  2. wow this jumper is sooo cool!! love it !
    i am inviting you to visit my fashion blog

  3. wonderful look, love your sweater!
    following you via gfc and bloglovin now. hope you'll follow me, too!
    happy day!

  4. You both look fabulous!!! I would totally rock that winter white here in Ohio! I love Paige too--she is the sweetest! You girls are gonna have the best collabs--can't wait to see more :)


  5. OMG...lovely white sweater dear...looking pretty on you...:-)

  6. Love this jumper, its gorgeous! Love white all year round - got some white jeans today! In love xxx

    Have a lovely day,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  7. I love the sweater look! It is so casual yet still very put together. And I love the cutouts!

  8. Love how chic you are in Winter White doll! Had so much fun doing this collab with you and looking forward to many more!

    xo, Paige

  9. I love how you styled your winter whites! So pretty! I love your blog and am now following you, feel free to follow back! Would love to stay in touch!

  10. lovely Outfits! Just fell in love with your blog, its awesome ♥

  11. gorgeous outfits! love both these looks!
    xoxo Vera & Rony


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