Sequins and Sea Breezes: Four



I've seen a few bloggers (I'm looking at you Shelby, Amanda and Ally) doing this post and honestly, after my 10 mile bike ride yesterday I didn't really feel much like thinking so this seemed like the perfect post to do! Not that this doesn't require much thinking but who  knows me better than me... right? So let's get right into it!
Four Nicknames:
1. Pamela
2. Pam
3. Mela
4. PJ's (only one friend calls me this but he pretty much only calls me by PJ's)
Four Jobs I've Had:
1. Portrait Photographer
2. Online Marketing Coordinator 
3.Digital Advertising Operations Manager
4. Digital Marketing Manager

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once:
1. The Lion King
2. The Fast and the Furious
3. Resident Evil
4. The Princess Bride

Four Things In My Purse:
1. Wallet
2. Chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick
3. My iPad
4. Hand Sanitzer

Four Places I've Lived:
1. Cincinnati, OH
2. Hebron, KY
3. Melbourne, FL
4. Orlando, FL

Four Places on My Bucket List:
1. Santorini, Greece
2. Australia
3. Tahiti
4. Rome, Italy

 Four Places I've Visited:
1. Interlaken, Switzerland
2. London, England
3. Paris, France
4. The Bahamas

Four Things You' Never Eat:
1. Seafood
2. Tomatoes
3. Mushrooms
4. Eggs

Four TV Shows I Watch:
1. Vampire Diaries
2. Reign
3. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Orange County
4. Vanderpump Rules

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2015:
1. Girl's trip to Charleston
2. My awesome still relatively new job
3. Taking another vacation (I don't know where yet)
4. Taylor Swift in October!!!!!

Happy Humpday loves! It's all downhill from here!
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  1. amazing pics :)

  2. I can't believe you live in Florida and you don't eat seafood!!! What a fun post, and loved getting to know more about you.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. Love this post. I did one a few months back and it was so much fun to write. I love reading and learning more about bloggers.

    Lion King and Cincy for the win, lady!!!!

  4. I saw another post like this last week and I have one in my drafts right now! Loved getting to know you a bit more with the smaller tidbits :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. How did I not know you don't like eggs...what do you get for brunch?! LOL I went to Interlachen in college and too this day it's one of the most beautiful places ever!!! Yay for our girls trip!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. This is a great post! Interlaken is one of the most beautiful places! We went white water rafting there in college and stayed at Balmers. so much fun!

  8. love that outfit! i just need that hat :) loved learning more ab ya

  9. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I love that we made the number one in the last list of 4 looking forward to things! Look at T. Swift she is a tall girl! I used to always watch Vampire Diaries (and I always finish out series) but the Originals took over and VD was getting crazy for me. I'll have to ask you for updates ;-)

  10. I don't eat seafood either! ;) You have been on a lot of great trips. xo

  11. Love these posts! I'm totally stealing it from you gurlie! And it's so nice to know someone else who doesn't eat seafood, I'm allergic, but in all honesty it doesn't appeal to me either it looks and smells gross :-P

    Yayyyy for planning another vacay, if you want any advice let me know! We're always researching and planning our next trip (currently researching an anniversary trip in June).

  12. Ahhh your picture with Taylor is the best thing ever! She is giving you the BFF head!!!

  13. You’ve never eaten seafood and you live in FL?? I’m shocked!! Greece is top of my list of places to visit too!

  14. we need a trip and we need some tswifty asap. can she come sooner rather than later?? :) love the 4 post. happy wednesday love!

  15. These are so much fun to read (and I'm glad to know I'm not the only weirdo who doesn't eat seafood, haha). I may be borrowing this post idea soon!

  16. Looks like you've been so many fantastic places, either traveled or lived there. I too hate mushrooms, I can't even eat something that touches them. Love that photo of you and Taylor. She is such a sweet girl, how awesome that you got the chance to meet her. (:

  17. How did I not know you lived in KY?? Pretty much already knew everything else haha! VD and Reign is getting so good! Except Reign is kind of pissing me off!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  18. Such a fun post! Always love learning more about you. Greece and Australia are on my list to visit, too, and you have lots coming up to look forward to!

  19. This such a fun post, I will be drafting one up for me to use on a rainy day :)! Lovee Vanderpump Rules!

  20. Ah I love this post! The vampire diaries was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I haven't watched at all this season, which is probably for the best.

    prosecco in the park

  21. Seafood of any kind?! Like never ever?! And eggs?! Never ever?!
    Girl, can I please just go on the longest vacation ever and visit all of your dream places?! They sound like heaven!
    I JUST woke up and my eyes are a little blurry still.... is that a picture of you and Tswift at the bottom?! (HA!) I want to hear the story behind that picture!

  22. I love all these photos and facts! Such a fun thing to share! This is such a great idea and I really love when bloggers share a little piece of themselves!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  23. You got to meet TS!! I was at the Red Tour concert as well but had the worst seats in the house because we got scammed from StubHub and had to repurchase last minute tickets at the gate. We were so f-ing pissed. Anywho, how did you get to meet her?

  24. I love this!! Your travel list sounds ideal! I've always wanted to go to Greece, Australia and Tahiti too! And T.Swift was amazing in concert. I took my daughter a couple of years ago and we had the best time!

    Taffeta & Tulips

  25. ahhh are you gonna meet Taylor again? :)
    I've always wanted to go to Greece - one day!!
    You don't like mushrooms, tomatoes or eggs? We can't be friends!

  26. YES to Cincinnati, Lion King and Taylor Swift!!! :)

  27. Switzerland and England are two places I would love to visit one day- so cool that you've been to both! So cool that you got to meet Taylor Swift!

  28. Yay Cincy love! And yes to someone else who likes Vampire Diaries and Reign - my guilty pleasures. :) Switzerland is on my bucket list - so jealous that you've been there. If you go to Rome - you've got to do Tuscany too. It was my favorite!

  29. I love these pictures!! I'm jealous you met Taylor Swift!!!
    Melanie @

  30. It has been forever since I have seen Princess Bride!! And Vampire Diaries..yes yes yes! I pretty much hate all the same foods you do. Except I will eat sushi rolls..I am such a weirdo. And is that you with T Swizzle?!?!? I am totally jealous!!!

  31. Such a fun post! And I'm going to see T.Swift in June -- prettyyyy excited about it!
    xo Southern Style

  32. I loved getting to know you better. The Princess Bride is one of my faves! I have never watched Vanderpump Rules but keep thinking I should start. xo

  33. Great look ! Would you like to follow each other ? :)


  34. What a cool post! I'm totally jacking this. lol

  35. I love this! I'm totally stealing it!!

  36. What a fun post!! I am super jealous of this last picture here...however, let's focus on how you also watch Vampire Diaries! I am obsessed.


  37. Oh, I love this post. I'm stealing your idea! I used to watch Vampire Diaries like an addict and then somehow I got off of it. I really need to catch up already!

  38. Ah! Love that pic of you with Taylor! :) I can't believe you don't eat eggs! Oh my goodness! :)

  39. just found your cute site and started following- great outfits! xm

  40. All your jobs sound amazing! We have basically the same things in our purses. I DO NOT eat tomatoes either - gross. And I only started eating eggs really in my 20's. Loved this. I did this a while back and wish I could do it again!

  41. Love reading these posts! I love your bucket list of places to go! Xo, Stephanie

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